Frozen Reykjavik sunset

My Story

I’m a designer, developer and copywriter who started out in my working life as a wannabe journalist who instead found himself in PR.

It was there whilst happy with my ability to write and despondant at my lack of ability to sell, that I stumbled upon coding.

I was handed the company WordPress blog to look after, managed to change the colour of a link to the company pink, and was hooked. That would be 2011.

  • Born:


  • Stopped wearing a tie to work:


  • Finally got a degree (in English):


  • Started coding:


  • Decided I didn't like PR:


  • Focused on code:

    later in 2013

Ever since then things have been a self-taught journey of discovery, teaching myself to code and applying these skills to running the marketing and websites for an entertainments company and then on to setting up and managing a major high street retailers first foray into ecommerce.

It wasn’t always fun but it was at the least very interesting but eventually the drive to work for myself became impossible to ignore.

Since 2017 I’ve run DBN (formerly Jigsaw) helping clients of various sizes with their web presence, copywriting, advertising and design, largely remotely but I can sometimes be spotted on site in and around the West Midlands area.



Away from work my partner and I love to travel and have been lucky enough to see New York, western Canada, Iceland, Norway, Finland and more than a little of Italy in the last few years.

If we’re ever allowed to travel again Greenland, Australia and New Zealand top the list.


Vinyl Record

Yep. I’m that guy with all the vinyl records (250 and rapidly growing at last count).

It’s something that took me years to get into having sold all of my CD’s and gone digital but I love listening to a proper vinyl. There’s nothing like it. I’ll get down off my soapbox now...


The Charlie Bear

My best little mate is my dog Charlie. For almost a decade he’s been the most loyal, lovably daft companion that you could have.

You can see more from him in amongst pictures of records and cans of ale on my instagram below.

Dogs ‘n’ Records